Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas on the Corner & Our FIRST Clients!

Christmas on the Corner finally came to fruition last weekend. Luckily, it only rained before and after our event, and we completely missed the snowstorm that we are now having a week later. The house looked great, and ALL the lights worked when all the switches were flipped. I think everyone on our committee cheered a little louder than everyone else in celebration that it all ran fairly well. We raised (and are still raising) a good amount of money to help the Ronald McDonald House of Indiana. I also took a lot of pictures with Santa (I know him!), but for privacy reasons I can't post them (since I don't have permission from the parents). I can't wait for next year when it's sure to be bigger and even better!

Christmas on the Corner 2007

Soon after...

Tina and her family contacted Laura (Laura & Mark's pictures are in another album from this fall) about having Stephanie and I do her family's Christmas pictures. We had a great time and were fortunate enough to have a great family to work with. They were our first clients that were complete strangers to us. It's exciting to branch out past friends. Don't get me wrong, I'll still be photographing friends and family every chance I get. Carter & Daeton are too cute for words and love to smile and play. Thanks to Tina and her family for letting us take their Christmas pictures, and being our first clients!

The Chance Family

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Toddler Triplets

I finally got my camera, and I am so excited to have one of my own to take better pictures. My first photos were of things around the house ... more like a kitty named Moppy that's always around the house. It's pretty hard to not love him since he just falls over when you start petting him and his little motorboat sounding purr starts coming out.

My first real (human) subjects were my cousins! The triplets are just so darn cute. I love seeing them more and more as they keep growing and increasing their vocabulary. Mom, Dad, and I went over a few nights ago to 1) take their Christmas pictures 2) give Pam & John a night off and 3) play with them of course! Enough out of me; check out the pictures!

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